3 Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks
3 Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks

3 Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks

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* New packaging, same formula!

Size: 33g each

95.00% organic ingredients

A set of 3 luxurious organic hydrogel masks for more hydrated, glowing and supple skin. This comprehensive set addresses common skin concerns and can be a great way to trial each flavour and find your favourite!  

Each set will include 1 flavour each (Flowers, Fruits, Seeds).

Whamisa Organic Flowers Hydrogel Mask: Brightens, lifts and moisturises for brighter and supple skin (Vegan friendly)

Whamisa Organic Fruits Hydrogel Mask: Lifts, revitalizes and tones for clearer complexion

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hydrogel Mask: Lifts, soothes and reduces wrinkles for youthful skin (Vegan friendly) 

How to apply: Thoroughly cleanse and tone before applying mask. The mask comes in two parts (top and bottom) for a better fit.  Apply for 20 minutes before removing. Follow with moisturiser. No need to rinse with water. 

Use regularly 2-3 times a week or over 4 weeks as an intensive course. 


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