What's in your Whamisa? And more importantly..what's not!

So.. what is it that makes Whamisa special, you say? 

Our R&D team in Korea have dedicated more than 10 years to carefully formulating each product with as much emphasis on what STAYS OUT as well as what is welcomed in. So after a decade of research we've sussed out what we love (and don't!)


Whamisa says YES to:

Natural ingredients that have powerful benefits with effective results. We use quality organic ingredients wherever possible.  Many products are over 90% organic!

Ingredients and formulations that do not overstimulate or irritate skin. Products have been created with sensitive skin in mind. 

Fermentation distills natural ingredients so they are better suited for sensitive skin. Fermentation also makes ingredients more effective as ingredients are broken down for superior absorption into inner layers of skin. 

Whamisa says NO to:

No water. A common base for many personal care products

Purified water, distilled water, aqua. Whatever you want to call it, it is water. Whilst there is nothing wrong with water as a base, it does dilute active ingredients and tends to evaporates quicker which can dry skin out faster. Instead of water, we decided to use botanical extracts like aloe and rice. Botanical extracts have the added benefit of aiding absorption into inner skin layers and softens skin. Not to mention, they are packed with nutrients! 

NO chemicals. Broken down this means:

NO- Chemical Emollients: Only organic beeswax, gums and butters and 100% certified natural emollients

NO- Artificial Fragrances: Only essential oils

NO- Artificial Colors

NO- Petrochemical Ingredients (mineral oils, silicones)

NO- Acidity Controllers

NO- Parabens

NO- Chemical Preservatives: Only natural preservatives formulated by ENS

So what about this tricky issue of preservation?  Indeed natural preservation was THE biggest challenge to overcome given our full commitment to natural ingredients.

We have spent over a decade perfecting our formulas so they have a longer shelf life and do not need refrigeration. Yay to 100% natural ingredients! 

We hope you enjoy the dedication and love in each Whamisa product!  Preserving nature's best for your skin is what we love! Please enjoy and share~

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